Thursday, October 29, 2015

Man in Blonde Wig Barges Into Schools, Demands to Sing Justin Bieber Songs Over Intercom

D'laontie Dee Lewis is clearly troubled. But and however, the 26-year-old West Virginia man is facing disorderly conduct and trespassing charges after walking into a middle school and a kindergarten and asked to sing Justin Bieber songs over the intercom. According to police, D'laontie entered the Dunbar Middle School (his alma matter) on Tuesday and went into the office while the morning announcements were being made. He told administrators he wanted to sing Justin Bieber songs to students. The school was placed on lockdown and cops were called. When cops arrived they arrested D'laontie -- who family members say was off his meds -- and took him to a hospital. (He was charged with simple possession of marijuana. He says it was oregano.) He then walked out of the hospital into the Kiddie Kollege Daycare located inside a church and tried to sing Justin Bieber songs again. Employees say they asked him to leave many times, but he refused, saying he "wanted to speak to the children as Justin Bieber and stating that he could see them because he was Jesus." On his way to jail, he attempted to explain his actions by saying: "Singing to kids make them smarter." D'laontie needs to take his meds.

source: WCHS
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