Thursday, October 8, 2015

Woman's Eye Glued Shut After Mistakenly Putting Glue Into Her Eye

Katherine Gaydos of Lantana, Florida says a piece of debris flew into her eye almost 10 days ago when a friend was blowing leaves with a leaf blower. The friend handed her a bottle of what she thought was Visine and she squirted it into her eye. But, the bottle contained fingernail glue -- not Visine. Now Katherine's eyelid is glued shut. She went to the emergency room and the doctor treated her with antibiotic salve and ointment. But she can't afford to pay for the surgery needed to save her eye, so she called up the local TV station hoping someone out there in the world would help help. Help her.

Update, Oct. 9: Katherine's media tour worked. After the story started making waves online, her doctor (the one who refused to see her until she could pay him) called and asked her to come in for further evaluation. “It was the same office, but a different doctor,” she said. “He put Lidocaine above and below my eye and just pulled on it until it finally opened.” She was told to come back get the glue scraped off her cornea. The doctor says she will not suffer any permanent damage from having glue in her eye.

source: WPBF
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