Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Wendy: 50% of Professional Athletes Are Gay and Almost Everyone in the Music Industry is Gay

So you already know the scandalous story of Eddy Curry, the New York Knicks player (pictured in the headband) who allegedly sexually-harassed his limo driver.

He says Eddy came onto him several times; asking him to touch his penis and clean up "cum rags" - towels he used to ejaculate into. Presumably pleasuring himself in the back of the car while he fantasies about the driver. Ehaow!

Listen to Wendy give her take on the scandal and addresses the alarming number/percentage of gay men in sports and the music industry. By the way, apparently a caller never received the memo the rest of us did about Puffy/Diddy and his sexual preference, so Wendy gave the caller a copy.

More grease on Puffy/Diddy after the jump.

Yesterday Wendy read excerpts from a Puffy interview. Today, she read more with her own twist and drops. How You Doin'!

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Anonymous said...

Where does Wendy get her information from? Even tho i sorta believe it, I know

Anonymous said...

Diddy is a queen ... lol

Anonymous said...

I don't get it. It sounds like Diddy is more METROSEXUAL than HOMOSEXUAL! Being a "pretty boy" doesn't make you gay! And I think at the level Diddy is working on, it seems almost customary for people, including men, to "luxuriate" in self-absorbed ways. As far as the gay club thing that Xhibit was talking about...gay clubs usually play a lot of house/club/dance/techno music and that is the direction both Press Play and Last Train To Paris was/is heading. It seems to me that he was either unfazed by the atmosphere (and therefore concentrating on the music) or actually man enough to patronize a "gay club" for a minute. And if he is gay, or just curious, SO WHAT! I play his music, not with his penis!!! Whateva!!!

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