Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Ad Exec: Chris Brown Will Get His Endorsement Deals Back

Judging from history, it's only a matter of time before Chris Brown is back to pitching products on TV and magazines, so says advertising executive Steve Stoute who's made a living out of branding hip-hop with mainstream America. Remember Jay-Z's Hewlett-Packard campaign? It was through the doings of Steve.

Anyway, he was on MSNBC and the hosts asked him about Chris Brown and if the singer will he able to come back from that lil scandal.

Steve thinks he can.

"We've seen brands move past this before, and celebrities move past this," he says.

Vanessa Williams and her nudie Penthouse magazine photos. Kobe Bryant and his cheateration and rape allegations. They got over those image problems. And the granddaddy of all scandals - R Kelly and his alleged rape of underage girls. He image most certainly has been resuscitated.

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