Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Brooke Hogan's 'Reality' Show is Fake

According to one our loyal readers, everything about Brooke Knows Best - that show about Hulk Hogan's daughter - is fake. Scripted. Not Reality.

Shocking? We know.

Ashley Menendez and Glenn Douglas Packard who are credited as being Brooke's friends and roommates are hired actors. And, since they aren't her real friends - she has none, by the way - the relationship only extends to when the camera is rolling. After the director says "cut", Brooke goes about her own business and ignores them. Furthermore, Brooke has made it a point that all of the press surrounding the show focuses on her and her only.

Well, that's smart because you wouldn't want your fake friends revealing in interviews that they aren't really your friends, right?

At least they're getting paid.
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Rafael said...

I didn't realize anyone watched that show

David said...

it was clear to me that the show is scripted !!!

Anonymous said...

I really don't believe that.
I saw ashley at a episode in Hogan's know best, a loooong time ago.
Was she an actor already than?
don't believe that actually.

Anonymous said...

Ofcourse its fake, Watched a few episodes, they sound like there acting. Like one episode with the party, brooke invited this guy. After the party he left, she wanted to kiss him though and he magicly comes back for a kiss < wth. Hogan knows best, way better.

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