Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Charlamagne, Big Kev's Takeover Could Get Wendy Fired

Charlamagne tha God and Kevin Hunter aka "Hood Hef" aka Big Kev aka Wendy Williams' husband, visited the show today. OK they took over the show today and boy was it something.

While it was exciting for some of us, some people - which may include the radio station's management - won't be laughing. In fact, Wendy could be suspended, if not fired.

As you may know, the rumor is Kevin was banned from WBLS because of allegations of sexual harassment and Charlamagne was fired. Which meant, neither of them weren't supposed to be in the building.

During their visit today, the two threw grease at everyone: Bow Wow, Jim Jones, Chingy, Jadakiss, Rick Ross, 50 Cent, Keri Hilson and former Philly radio personality Miss Jones. Even Hasidic Jews became a part of the conversation!

It wasn't all grease all the time, though. Kevin praised Wendy's successes (like The Wendy Williams Show will air in more than 150 markets beginning July 13) and dropped the bomb on some new endeavors.

But and however, if Wendy is on "vacation", which is code word for suspended, you know why.

She even made a joke about it before leaving today. She said: "If I'm on vacation, it's because they took money and suspended me for two weeks. Bye!"

Let us all keep our fingers crossed, and hope the bosses let this one slide, especially since Wendy's show is killing the competition in NYC. (The Arbitron report, which shows how stations are doing, was released today.)

Take a listen to what went down.

Part One

Part Two
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Justize Freedom said...

It was going down on The Experience! WBLS always be throwing shade on Auntie Wendy. They better not fire or suspend her b/c she bringing in the ratings. Hopefully Wendy & Charlamange will have much success in all their fields that they are going into. Move over Tyra...July 13th on FOX! I need some tickets asap. "Feel it, feel it, feel it...How You Doin'?!...Shout It Out!

Anonymous said...

Wendy is not broadcasting today!!! LOL WBLS was not playing. I wonder how long she will be gone

Justize said...

OMG! WTF! A best of show? Wendy was not on air today!!! (Trumpets!) Did she get the axe?! Oh No! (Drum roll...) We will have to wait until Friday to find out!

Anonymous said...

Wendy probably made this stunt happen herself. She hardly spoke during their visit, and she knew well in advance what the repercussions would be. Kev should not have been there or he shouldn't have opened his mouth. Regardless of the 'vacation/suspension' management can't deny nor overlook the latest station's ratings. WBL$ is doing $$very$$ well killing the competition.

Anonymous said...

I don't listen to WBLS when Wendy ain't there - PERIOD. I have to stay awake at my desk and Urban Easy Listening will not cut it.

Anonymous said...

They might tell Wendy "he was banned from the building and the studio! Your contract is now voided and we can fire you without paying up." *maybe at this point she just doesn't care anymore*
Hope not, I'll have nothing to listen to in the afternoons

Anonymous said...

The show today is terrible!! They need to get Wendy in there pronto!

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