Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Chris Brown and Rihanna Spend Night TOGETHER

Bauer-Griffin, the people who make it their life - literally - stalking celebrities, claim that Rihanna and Chris Brown spent a night together last week. And if anyone should know, it would be the paparazzi.
Shortly after arriving back to L.A. from Kansas, Rihanna went house mansion-hunting in the Hollywood Hills. The singer checked out several properties (many of which were in the $5 million price range).

Meeeeeeanwhile, Chris Brown had been holed up in the swanky Sofitel Hotel. But, Chris checked out to spend the night at Rihanna's. Before heading her way, he hopped across the street to the Beverly Center where he picked up some Godiva chocolates... because as we all know, chocolates fix EVERYTHING *cough*.

Where are the photos? That's what we were asking, too.

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Anonymous said...

even if they did, i am sure it was just for sex...from what i hear they be getting it in. its hard to find someone new that will put up with your shit or do the nasty shit you want them to.

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