Monday, April 27, 2009

Parents Accuse Obamas of Being Cheap

The Obamas stingy?

Well, some parents at the Sidwell Friends School (where Sasha and Malia attend) are accusing President Obama and First Lady Michelle of being cheap.

Last weekend was the Sidwell Friends School Dollars for Scholars benefit, where parents chip in various items for an auction.

According to a source with ties to the school, the only items up for bid from the Obamas included a signed copy of the Rolling Stone issue featuring the president and a signed copy of the January Vogue that featured the first lady.

“There were expectations that they might donate something more personal, like the Clintons did,” said another source who knew about the auction. “Lots of people were disappointed.”

Parents were drawing comparisons to Bill and Hillary Clinton, whose daughter, Chelsea, attended Sidwell, too. In 1996 President Clinton offered a round of golf for the auction which sold for nearly six figures and Chelsea offered to babysit.

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Anonymous said...

I mean Goddamn, is it that serious. Just because he the president don't mean he gotta break bank for some damn school. Maybe his personal belongings mean something to him and just cause he the president, shouldn't mean he should be expected to give them away...give me a break.

Anonymous said...

I think those items would go for a lot of money. What are they complaining about? If they wanted the Obamas to donate their time they should have just said so. But with the problems facing this nation today I am sure they don't have much time to spare anyway.

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