Friday, April 24, 2009

Warrants Served Upon LAPD, TMZ Over Leaked Rihanna Beatdown Photo

The Los Angeles Police Department have issued two search warrants have been issued in the ongoing probe into how a confidential police photograph of a bruised and beaten Rihanna wound up on the Internet, according to Access Hollywood.

One warrant is believed to have allowed investigators access to computers inside the Police Department itself, as they seek to find out who transmitted the picture.

Within days of the incident, the photo wound up on TMZ’s Web site, then pretty much everywhere in a matter of minutes. A police investigation began almost immediately into how TMZ acquired the photograph, which was supposed to be kept confidential, since it involved a domestic violence investigation.

Police officials at the time said there would be an investigation to find out who was responsible; the investigation is ongoing.

One warrant has been executed, however, the names, dates, and other identifying information has not been released. The second warrant has not been executed and the target of that warrant has also not been identified, although TMZ is the only Web site or television show claiming to have independently acquired the picture.

“We know TMZ received the photo, we are now compiling evidence as to who is responsible, on our end, for selling it to TMZ. That individual will not only lose their job, but could also face criminal charges,” says someone close to the case.

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