Thursday, May 14, 2009

Is Bow Wow a Top or Bottom?

Since his unplanned retirement from hip-hop, Bow Wow has taken to listening to his "fans" - the same "fans" who didn't buy his last album - and answering their questions.

One of those "fans" dared to asked him if he is a top of bottom. We thought he was a (gasp!) top with his alleged exlover. But we are gonna settle on versatile.

Thanks to Son of Baldwin for the tip.
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Anonymous said...

Bow Wow needs to stop frontin! And his video partner know whats good too! "come all da way out da closet" lol

Denzel said...

I hear dat bow wow is gay I'm gay n gay recognizes gay 4real.
I used 2 front like dat but now I'm out n I kno urbody else whose frontn cuz I've been there.

N tha other guy in tha video is klheo from that Disney movie holes..he hella sex. Lol ( doesn't look betta den my boo bow wow though)

shakeelysims said...

ok bowwow is not gay first of all so yall need to stop saying that he is

edyyke said...

Black people HATE to admit that there fav star might be gay. They can't take it. If they saw Bow Wow sucking d--- right in front of their face they still wouldn't believe it. He's gay as hell!!

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