Friday, May 22, 2009

LaLa: Mavericks Fans Called Son a 'Bastard', Fiance Carmelo Anthony a 'N**ger'

In her first full interview since being escorted out of an NBA game when things became physical with other fans, LaLa Vasquez tells Momlogic tensions were high and the fans were disrespecting her son (calling him a "bastard") and fiance Carmelo Anthony (calling him a n**ger). Eventually things came to a head when one of those rowdy fans pushed her.

Monday, May 11th, started out like any other big NBA playoff game.
The "Charm School 3" host was in Dallas with her two-year-old son, Kiyan, to watch Anthony play the Dallas Mavericks. Lala tells us she usually sits courtside when in Denver -- but courtside seats in Dallas were $6,000 a piece, and she just wasn't going to pay that. Lala says she was in the stands with her son and her babysitter when a group of men and women directly behind her, a group she says was drinking heavily, began to get rowdy. She tells us at first she ignored it, but as the game progressed, the group got even more drunk ("You know how big those beers are at games!" she says) and aggressive -- and began shouting racial slurs. Lala, a seasoned NBA spouse, says, "Mostly I'm used to it. There's always someone yelling something, and mostly I ignore it." This time, she says, it was different.

"They began yelling 'F*** the Nuggets!' right in front of my son." Then she says they started calling the Nuggets players "n*****s." She was shocked. "I've been at a ton of games -- but I have NEVER heard fans say things like that." Then, looking directly at her while taunting Anthony on the court, Lala says the fans called her son a "bastard."

"I know it was directed at me. Yes, my son's dad and I are not married -- but we are engaged!" Lala turned to the fans and said, "This is just a GAME! Do you even know these players?!" She then asked her babysitter to take Kiyan out of the arena. The fans, who by this time, claims Lala, were completely intoxicated, became even "more aggressive," yelling "F*** the Nuggets!" and insulting their families -- namely, Lala says, her and Carmelo. Then they physically pushed her. Pushed to the edge, she turned around and yelled back.

TV cameras captured security guards approaching her.

"They said they had seen the whole thing and told me I had done nothing wrong. I was NOT ejected, they just escorted me to a suite [for safety]. I was mad!" Lala said.

Mavericks owner Mark Cuban even apologized the next day for a variety of incidents that happened at the game -- including the insulting of another player's mother -- saying "This has gotten out of hand."

(For the record: the woman in question said LaLa instigated the altercation.)


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