Friday, June 5, 2009

Doing This Will Break Your Penis! Seriously.

There's a new dance that's all the rage in Jamaica. It's call daggering, but don't attempt it, unless you have good medical insurance and don't intend to have kids, because it's "resulted in a threefold increase in fractured or broken penises among Jamaican men."

People describe the "dance" as dry humping, but, as you'll see, this is far beyond that.

Not surprising, daggering has moved its way from the dance floors into the bedroom. And that's where the dangers lie.

“During very rigorous intercourse, the man can hit the woman’s pubic bone and sustain a fracture. There is a loud popping sound, excruciating pain and swelling," a Jamaican doctor said.

The problem of broken penises has become so widespread that the Jamaican government is considering a ban on daggering, including music with daggering lyrics.

Can you imagine this at the HOW YOU DOIN club? Remember, most Jamaican men are gay.

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WalliesWorld said...

That's crazy. And I thought...oh never mind.

Sooze said...

What the hell? I am so white...

QOAM said...

shit, they dance like this in all the philly hi hop clubs all the time!

this is nuffn new!

and yes, this does hurt ur dick ..and especially ur BALLS!

unless a chick has a soft fat butt! lol

Anonymous said...

personal it looks fun and like it hurts all at tha same time,lol, i would not mind tryin some of that in my own bed room(i said some of it),lol

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