Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Pete Doherty Arrested for Shooting Up in Plane's Bathroom

Kate Moss' ex-boyfriend and Amy Winehouse's ex friend, Pete Doherty was arrested in Geneva, Switzerland, on Friday after he was found "slumped" over in the bathroom on board a British Airways plane after allegedly shooting up crack or heroin - or something.

He was believed to be intoxicated and was taken back to his seat, but flight staff alerted police when a hypodermic needle was later found on the plane, which they wrapped in tissue.

"A few people on the plane recognized Pete and he went to the bathroom more than halfway into the flight. He had been in there for about 25 minutes when the announcement came over the tannoy [loud speaker] for the crew to prepare the flight for landing. The crew knocked on the door but Pete didn’t come out. They eventually managed to get in 10 minutes before the plane landed," a passenger told The Daily Mail.

Pete was charged and fined before released.

Sidebar: How did he get a hypodermic needle on an aircraft when bottled water isn't allowed?!

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