Monday, July 20, 2009

Another Political Sex Scandal is About to Hit the Fan

Don't you love a political sex scandal? We certainly do. It's the hypocrisy that slays us most of the times.

Well, there may be another one brewing, according to "Annie", who worked for Madam Kristin Davis (she's the one who told Wendy she's slept with and/or serviced everyone from politicians to ballers to hip-hop moguls) another politician, a governor, was also a client of their escort service.

“Annie” tells the Daily News she she had three “dates” with this governor - "Gov. X.".

She contends that, in the spring of 2006, Kristin's’ agency booked her for an out-of-state date with a man identified as “Michael.”

“He picked me up in an Italian sports car,” says Annie. “He was in his 30s, handsome enough to be an actor, an impeccable dresser. I wouldn’t think he’d have a problem getting girls.

“We went to a restaurant where the governor was dining at another table with two or three other men. Michael said the governor was a client of his. He introduced me to him. I thought it was odd that he’d introduce someone he’d hired, but the governor was very gracious. It was a brief meeting. Later, Michael and I went to an apartment our agency kept. We had sex.

“A couple of days later, Michael booked another appointment. He was supposed to come to the same apartment. I buzzed him in. When I opened the door, it wasn’t Michael. It was the governor. He was smiling. I knew what was happening. I was okay with it.

“He was a very standard client. He didn’t take the full hour. There was no exchange of money. Michael handled the payment.

“I had two more dates with the governor. Never in public. Always for just an hour, around dinner time. He’d arrive at the apartment in a suit. I never had a problem with him, like I did with Spitzer. He was always nice. There wasn’t a lot of conversation. It wasn’t a girlfriend experience, but he was relaxed. He was very appreciative, like I was giving him a sort of affection he wasn’t getting elsewhere. Later I found out he was married. His wife is quite prominent in her own right.” (Annie and Davis say Gov. X is free to say he didn’t pay for sex, since “Michael” took care of the bills.)

"Annie" says this mysterious governor has a wife who "is quite prominent in her own right."

While there are no names used, everyone is guessing that "Gov. X" is California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger. His spokesperson has flatly denied the rumor.



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