Wednesday, July 8, 2009

DC Councilman Marion Barry Throws Jumpoff Out of a Hotel Room Because She Wouldn't Give Him Oral Sex

One would think getting arrested for stalking your girlfriend would be the story, but in the case of DC councilman Marion Barry, that potential felony charge is just the beginning.

Or, should we say, it's the conclusion to a very messy ordeal.

The Washington City Paper got their messy hands on some audio recordings - left by Barry for his jumpoff (the woman he's accused of stalking) Donna Watts-Brighthaupt. Lets not forget: Barry is a married man.

The tapes were handed over by Donna's ex-husband Delonta Brighthaupt, who recorded the voicemails. Scandalous!

Before we get to the tapes, let's backtrack: Barry has been dating Donna for several months. She worked as his driver and a personal assistant during his re-election campaign in 2008 and she was paid $600. Not $600 a week, but $600 for the entire period. (Later she was put on his staff and made $20,000). But, she was (and has been) paid handsomely (and by "handsomely", you know what we mean) in other ways. Plus, she was whisked around the country, like to Barack Obama's inauguration and to Jamaica with the noted "womanizer".

The two would fight and make up. One of those fights was epic. "A verbal scuffle between the two in Vegas erupted into blows, right in the lobby of the Paris hotel," reports the paper.

But the most telling of them all was this:

“You put me out in Denver ’cause I wouldn’t suck your dick,” Donna yelled at Barry, according to a tape recording of the conversation. (The quote is so good, the paper used it on its cover!)

Yes, we're back to those recorded conversations!

Donna was referring to an incident that had occurred about 10 months prior, at the Democratic National Convention. At the time, she was working on Barry’s ultimately successful re-election campaign and traveled to the Barack Obama-crowning affair. For reasons that remain murky, she ended up assigned to the councilmember’s hotel room in the Crowne Plaza hotel. Once behind closed doors, Barry allegedly asked Donna to perform oral sex (a professional) on him. She refused, whereupon Barry threw her clothes out of the room and barred her from coming back in. She slept in the hotel’s parking garage, in a Cadillac Barry had rented.

The drama!

Here are some highlights from the recordings.

“I’m gone. I’m not gonna think about it anymore. I’m not gonna worry about it like I used to, not gonna pray about it, not gonna do nothing....You don’t even exist. Goodbye, good luck, God bless you.”

“Wake up, Donna. Come down here and enjoy yourself. Let’s meet and try to resolve this thing. You don’t want to meet? I’m gone.You won’t hear from me again.”

“I’m getting ready to leave the situation, but call me and we can meet away from your house. I would suggest in a park or something and talk about this....I want to help save your life. So, call me.”

“Donna, this thing’s gotten outta hand. That’s too bad. I don’t want to continue talking to you about anything and I don’t want to press no charges, I don’t wanna do nothin.’ I just want to be left alone and so you oughtta do the same thing. Don’t call me.”

“Donna, you don’t have to answer your home phone....Don’t call me back. I will not take a call from you; I’m not gonna call you, so this is it.”

“Donna, call me....I’d like to apologize and settle this matter. It’s not anybody’s interest to continue.”

“Call me and let me know what you think ’cause I’m ready to end all this and let it go. I apologize to you. I’m sorry. You know I love you and that after this we gonna go our separate ways and I’ll give up trying to help....Call me.”

“It’s not in either one of our interests or anybody’s interest to keep this stuff going. I’m apologize...And, uh, so call me back. Please. On my cell phone.”

Go here to listen to the recordings.

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