Thursday, July 9, 2009

Last Known Magazine Cover Michael Jackson Posed For

Michael Jackson is on a lot of magazine covers this month, but this one - Britain's Q magazine - is the last known magazine cover Michael posed for.

You may think these sort of things take months to prepare and a full-day to shoot, but not with Michael. This took 90 seconds.

Here's how photographer John Wright remembers it.

"I got a call saying Michael Jackson was in London and I could shoot him. I never thought for a second it would come off, so I was surprised when he did turn up at the office where we were doing the shoot. He looked exactly like you'd expect Michael Jackson to look: hair weave, military jacket, shades on inside.

"He was wearing a lot of make-up and he didn't have the healthiest skin that I've ever seen.

"He seemed fairly comfortable in front of the camera, though he wasn't jumping through hoops. I got a minute-and-a-half to shoot him, which is no time at all.

"My abiding memory is how polite he was - forgetting everything that's gone on, if you were his parents, you'd be proud of how you'd brought him up."

Some may argue that the magazine had some time to airbrush the photo - evening out his skin tone, removing the salt-n-pepper stubble, correct his impacted nose, clean up the edges of his lace-front wig - but hey, maybe that was the magazine's intent in their effort to "unmask" Michael.

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thephotographer4you said...

Love love him forever a fan of his music.

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