Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Dwight Eubanks Gets Eaten By a Tuna

Qaadir ran into Dwight Eubanks of "Real Housewives of Atlanta" fame, who was flanked by eight (really, eight) handlers in Atlanta. He respected Dwight, whom he believed to be a "freshwater tuna" much like himself, so Qaadir thought the opportunity to chat with the reality TV "star" would be a learning experience. Instead, the tuna turned into a catfish and was giving him fever.

"He kept giving me fever," Qaadir says. "So first of all I gave him a little cap of NyQuil, but I had to up the ante on that ass because that didn't cure the common cold, so I needed to get all my motherf**ing artillery. So I went to get some DayQuil, some Advil, Tylenol PM, AM, motherf**ing ZM."

We live!!!!

Her stories are legendary. We implore you - run to Youtube to watch her videos.

Thanks Candice for the tip.
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