Monday, August 17, 2009

OMFG! Woman is Pregnant with 12 Babies!

A woman in Gafsa, Tunisia is reportedly pregnant with 12 - yes, 12! - babies after bouts of fertility treatment following a several miscarriages.

The unnamed mother is expecting six boys and six girls, which she hopes to deliver naturally. Of course, doctors have advised against that citing the potentially dangerous outcome. Should she deliver all 12 babies, that would be a record.

"In the beginning, we thought that my wife would give birth to twins, but more fetuses were discovered. Our joy increased with the growing number," the father, Marwan, said.

The Tunisian health and social ministries have said they will offer various forms of assistance to the family.

She has drawn all sorts of comparisons to Octomom, who gave birth to eight children last January.

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