Monday, August 17, 2009

Rodney King Will Fight a Cop. Really.

How ironic.

Rodney King, who was brutally beaten by four Los Angeles police officers on March 3, 1991, is reportedly in talks to take on a Philadelphia police officer in a celebrity boxing match. Albeit the officer, Simon Aouad, is retired and, oh, has a rap sheet.

Aouad was arrested in 2006 and charged with drug possession, delivery and paraphernalia offenses when his home was raided by authorities who began watching the property after Aouad had chased an intruder away with gunshots two weeks earlier.

"I know some people will see the irony here," said Rodney King about boxing a police officer. "But I would have fought anyone who was worthy. I take this very seriously. Never felt better—physically and in the mind.”

Are you effing kidding us!

Here's the video from that night Rodney was attacked by the cops. The four police officers were later put on trial for the beating, but were acquitted. The announcement of the acquittals sparked the 1992 Los Angeles Riots. The officers were later tried in federal court; two were sentenced to 30 months in prison.


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Anonymous said...

If there was ever a good reason to not smoke, just take a look at Rodney's lips. DAMN!!

Anonymous said...

Rodney King is a POS. He deserved that beating. The media blew the event out of proportion and thats all the people heard and knew and demanded something be done for king's civil rights and yada yada yada. maybe he shouldn't have been driving drunk that night, he shouldn't have led the cops on a high speed chase going over 100 mph. he shouldn't have started mocking the officers by grabbing his asscheeks and yelling profanity. he shouldn't have lunged at the officers, trying to assault them and he shouldn't have resisted arrest. if you ask me, he deserved what we got. i would have beat the crap out of him too if i was a cop. maybe all these black civil rights groups should actually give a helping hand to those who need it, and focus more on keeping black youth away from drugs and gangs.

Anonymous said...

Right ON!

Anonymous said...

Rodney King and Rev. Wright...Heroes to the AA Commurnity.

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