Friday, September 18, 2009

OJ Simpson is Suicidal, Admitted to Prison's Psych Ward

According to the National Enquirer, OJ Simpson, who is currently serving nine to 33 years in prison for his part in a memorabilia heist (he claimed the memorabilia belonged to him) spent four days in a psych ward after he allegedly was overhead saying he wanted to kill himself. The report claims he lost the will to live after the Nevada Supreme Court rejected his request to be freed pending the outcome of an appeal decision.
"OJ was absolutely crushed after his motion was denied," revealed a close source.

"He was on the phone after getting the news, and the call was being monitored.

"OJ was upset and really emotional. he was almost crying. Suddenly, he blurted into the phone that he didn't have a reason to love anymore." He said, "I might as well kill myself."

Guards overhead the conversation and escorted OJ to the psych ward at the prison hospital," said the source. OJ was formally put on suicide watch and given a bed in the psych ward."
He was released on Sept. 8. At 63, facing up to 33 years in prison is practically a death sentence, so we kinda understand (OK, we don't actually) why OJ may think he has no reason to live. His ex-girlfriend's headline-making claims in her book are also damning. But, committing suicide will just be unfair to his four children and family. Yes, we know, some of you may think he deserves to die a horrible death, citing your anger from his not being found guilty of murdering his ex-wife and her friend more than a decade ago. But that's water under the bridge, as they say.

Source: National Enquirer, Sept. 28 print edition.
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