Tuesday, September 22, 2009

'Tailor Made', 'It' Appear on Judge Pirro

On yesterday's episode of Judge Pirro former VH1 TV reality contestant "Tailor Made" brought a $3,300 lawsuit against a boxing promoter alleging breach of contract. "Tailor Made" claims he was to be paid $1,000 to take part in a "celebrity" boxing match against a weatherman, who dropped out and was replaced by a "celebrity" tailor. The fight never happened. "Tailor Made" brought his star (we're using that word loosely, of course) witness, "It", who is running for City Council in Queens, NY and used the TV appearance as a campaign stop. He even had the gall to ask for Judge Pirro's endorsement. To which she replied: "I live in New York and if someone named 'It' got elected to public office, I'd move to New Jersey!" Ouch!

Anyway, in case you have several minutes to watch a big giant mess, here are the videos with the judge's ruling.

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Le Nouveau Noir said...

*hmpf*.... more like 'Tailor Played'.

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