Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Russell Simmons Had a Meltdown at Fashion Show

Another day, another celebrity behaving badly.

According to the folks over at RadarOnline, Russell Simmons had a hissy fit at Charlotte Ronson's fashion show in NYC last Friday because his seat was given to someone else. The travesty!

"He flipped out over his seating," an eyewitness said. "He thought his seat was given away and lost it on some poor staffer on the runway moments away from the show's start."

He was overheard telling the staffer: "When I walked in here, there was like 40 seats. Now, there's nothing. Where am I supposed to sit?"

But the lowly staffer had no answers, so Russell demanded to see someone in charge.

"Where's your boss? Where's the lady in charge? Who do I have to talk to? Come on now," he said.

The head seater in charge was summoned and but Russell was going off on her, too. She asked him to call the eff down and he replied with "I am calm! I'm a calm person!"

Moments before the start of the show, two front seats were cleared for Russell and Keri Hilson, who "sat down with such force he caused his neighbors to jump."

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Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Go gurl! Get them seats Russell! Ooo chile, the way you're sitting.. case closed.

Anonymous said...

Chile, that thang aint big enough to sit down with enough "force" to make ANYBODY tremble

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