Friday, September 4, 2009

Survey Says! Kim is a Liar! Is She a Fame Whore, Too? Probably

On last night's Watch What Happens Live the question was "Do you think Kim is a liar?" and almost all of America (including Wendy who was a guest) said "yes."

Also last night on Twitter, Neffe, who is Keyshia Cole's sister and stars in her own BET reality show, posted - yes, on Twitter - Kim's telephone number which made the "Real Housewives of Atlanta" co-star understandably tiffed.

Kim then tweeted this:

Then her very professional publicist and self-proclaimed "fame whore" tweeted this:

Oh, really now Jonathan? Didn't you publish Perez Hilton's telephone number on your blog when he wouldn't sleep with you even after you sent him many, many sexually-explicit messages and a video of you pleasuring yourself? (Here's the link but it's NSFW unless you work in a gay porn shop.) And didn't Perez file a lawsuit against you as a result? So, really, Jonathan.

We are so on to these two publicity seekers. They may be fooling you guys into thinking there's drama between them. Remember when they filed lawsuits against each other, only to drop them? Not to mention, Jonathan goes on (or calls into) every goddamn radio show to say Kim's cheating on Big Poppa and that she's a racist stripper all the time badmouthing the other "housewives", too.

They're not fooling us, though. We get what's going on. They're both trying really hard to be famous.

And what about Kim's big media tour where she was pushing this story that NeNe choked her and was going to press charges, only to then back down? And most recently, her call to boycott Atlanta magazine because they wrote that she smokes in front of her kids -- which she does. Furthermore, we're not sure if you've noticed, but Kim is the only "housewife" who is always talking to TMZ or telling her story to the tabloids.

If you don't believe it, watch this video of Jonathan admitting to "staging" situations to garner more publicity for "clients".

So, for the many of you who've e-mailed us asking why self-important Kim is still being represented by "messy queen" Jonathan after he supposedly threw her under the bus, maybe this will explain it.

We're so through with both of them and we'll try our hardest to refrain from publishing anything more about her on this blog. Of course, when NeNe calls her a "trash box" or a "tramp" again, we'll post that because a NeNe verbal beatdown (especially when it's directed at Kim) is always entertaining and worth mentioning.

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