Thursday, September 24, 2009

Teen at Center of Gay Exorcism Video Says He's Straight (and the Pope is Jewish)

Earlier this year a Connecticut church uploaded a video to their YouTube channel showing their pastor, er, "prophet" exorcising, er, "casting out", the "gay demon" from a teenage boy.

It sent shockwaves around the Internet; the Department of Family and Children Services even got involved.

Last week on Tyra, the stars of the video -- Jeffrey, "prophet" Patricia and her "overseer" Kelvin -- were there to spread their word and it was an epic fail.

Looking at Jeffrey it's hard to believe he's just 16. He says he knew he was gay since age 5 and even dressed in drag, and despite the exorcism, he still has gay desires.

Prophet Patricia, who may or may not be a down low lesbian, says the process was not an exorcism, but rather "casting out an unclean spirit."

We don't want to say Jeffrey is being brainwashed, but from his mannerisms, his physical appearance, the church's deep involvement in his everyday life and the bullet points he appears to be reciting, something fishy (pun intended) appears to going on here.

No one -- including Tyra and Kamaro, Jeffrey's former counselor at True Colors, a gay teen support group -- believes this boy is straight. In fact, the American Psychological Association, in very clear language, says therapies to make gay people straight don't work.

How long before you think Jeffrey returns to Tyra to show off his new boyfriend or to get one of those Isis specials?

And oh, remember when Wendy outed this prophet? Exactly!

Here's the full Tyra interview.

Here's the video of the actual "casting out" of the gay "demon."

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