Thursday, September 24, 2009

Report: Whitney Tells Oprah 'You're A Liar!'

If you thought Whitney's televised interview with Oprah last week, in which she fessed up to being a crackhead and gave a demonstration on how she smoked weed and crack, the alleged drama behind the scenes was far more interesting.

According to the folks over at The Enquirer, Whitney was angry at Oprah for the things she said about her and ex-husband Bobbbeeeee!, and although she wanted to talk to Oprah, she made the talk show host beg and plead. And, according to the tab, after the interview Whitney let Oprah have it -- calling her a two-faced liar!

"Whitney loved Bobby and heard that Oprah was saying things like, 'Bobby is a loser, a cheater, a washed-up nobody,'" the Enquirer's spy says. "Now that Whitney is out of her marriage and has cleaned up her act, she says that she is happy she got her beautiful daughter, Bobbi Kristina, out of the marriage. She also says that at least she married the man she loved rather than not commit and parade him around to public events the way Oprah does with Stedman. And as far as the drugs go, Whitney pointed out that Oprah hid her own crack cocaine problem. Then when the truth came out, Oprah poured out her heart to her TV audience -- and Whitney believes it was for ratings."

We actually forgot about that, but it's true, Oprah was a crackhead, too. Furthermore, to let the Enquirer tell it, Oprah -- or her people -- hounded Whitney all summer long.

"It's no secret Oprah's ratings have been slipping, and Whitney knew this was one time Oprah needed her. So she made Oprah's producers call at least five times before she'd finally commit to the show," said the insider. "And when she started negotiating with Oprah personally, she expressed her disappointment about what she felt was Oprah's two-faced behavior. Oprah tried to gloss over it, telling Whitney, 'We've always been good friends.' But Whitney told her, 'No! You haven't been my friend. You're a liar!'"


According to the report, Oprah tried to play Whitney into thinking the interview was basically two old friends chatting, but Whitney knew she was being used -- it was all about the ratings.

"Oprah was incensed at Whitney's attitude. Oprah feels it was the height of ingratitude for Whitney to make her grovel to convince her to appear on the show. That Whitney didn't jump at the chance when her people first called infuriated Oprah," said the insider. "Oprah later told a pal that Whitney has a hell of a nerve. When she thinks how Whitney sank it makes her sick. Oprah just cant get her mind around the fact that Whitney made it so difficult during the negotiations."

Despite the pre-interview battle, Whitney sat down with Oprah, but a spy in the room said you could cut the tension in the air with a knife and was surprised they got through it "without punching each other's lights out."

After the interview, though, the Enquirer says Oprah was jumping for joy and pumping her fists into the air like she's known to do, because she knew the interview would be a ratings bonanza, but Whitney was pissed.

"Whitney was furious when she heard that Oprah was crowing about how the ratings were going to go trough the roof. Although Whitney knew Oprah needed her for great ratings, she was hurt that Oprah was so cold after the interview ended," said the source.

"Whitney has just poured her heart out to the entire world and was disgusted that, after the cameras stopped rolling, rather than console her for reliving some of the most painful times of her life, Oprah was dancing around and pumping her fists in hopes of record-breaking numbers.

"As Whitney was getting ready to to leave the set, Oprah approached her to thank her for the sit-down.

"Oprah was dancing on air and told Whitney she did the right thing by finally opening up about her life. She said the public will embrace her for her honesty.

"Whitney was incensed at the backhanded comment and told Oprah that honesty is the best policy -- she should try it sometime."

This is something else. Although the Enquirer has been getting most of their stories right of late, we find it incredibly hard to believe Whitney or Oprah were behaving like this. Do you think the reason there was no audience during the interview was related to this alleged tiff? Or do you believe Oprah's sending the the crew out of the theater before the taping so she and Whitney can chat has any bearing to allegations made in the Enquirer's report? Even still, we don't believe there's any animosity between Whitney and Oprah.

Source: Enquirer, Oct. 5, print edition.

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lodak said...

I believe it. Oprah seemed to have to put words in Whitney's mouth several times. Not to mention, Oprah threw Whitney and MJ under the bus on more than one occasion.

Storm said...

I think they both did the interview for what it could do for them professionally.

Anonymous said...

I think that the interview was genuine. Of course there were times when Whitney needed a little coaxing to come straightforward with her story, but that is natural. I see no reason for Whitney to be angry with Oprah for anything. Whitney told exactly what she wanted the public to know and no more.

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