Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Wait, Is Khloe Kardashian Pregnant?

Khloe Kardashian, 25, and her Los Angeles Lakers boyfriend Lamar Odom, 29, are getting married this Sunday (as in Sept. 27) after six weeks of dating, reports E! Online, whose cameras will be rolling to capture the nuptials, no doubt.

Sources claim that most guests (but apparently not some of his Lakers teammates) have already been notified over the phone, with formal invites expected to arrive later this week.

The bride-to-be is mum about the wedding, but a source close to Lamar tells E! News that the couple went ring shopping last the weekend in Los Angeles and that Lamar bought the ring on the spot.

It's also being reported that Khloe refuses to sign a pre-nup and that it's Lamar who is pushing for the quickie marriage because he wants to officially off the market before the NBA season begins Oct. 7.

We're not sure what exactly what's going on here, but something smells rather fishy and this whole scenario has shot-gun wedding written all over it! Why would anyone -- especially people in the entertainment business -- marry someone you know for a little over a month and to make matter worse, not sign a pre-nup? Is Khloe, like her sister, Kourtney pregnant? Is this all a publicity stunt? (And you know how we loathe publicity stunts.) What happens when they divorce in a few months? Who gets custody of the baby?

Fan out!!!!!

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Anonymous said...

I could be wrong but I've had the 'dar on Lamar for ages hunnee..
Um Lamar?? Are U how U doin?

Anonymous said...

poor guy hes going to have a kardashian baby mama

Anonymous said...

Anonymous up there, yeah thats right hunnee... Shout out to my boy Lamar, How YOU dooin Lamar?

Anonymous said...

Lamar is huge and from personal experience men built like him can probably hit it with perfection, and if you pay attention to Khloe...shes kinda a freak...so they might just "mesh" very well together and realize they probably wont find another person who "clicks" with each other the way they do, so they grabbed onto to each other and said screw everyone else. Good for them get yours Khloe!!

Anonymous said...

conqrats to them..but somethinq just doesnt seem riqht,its probably not going to last

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