Friday, September 25, 2009

Warren G Is Not Buying Your Excuses. Pay The Man!

Did you know Warren G has a new album dropping on Tuesday? We had no clue.

In an utterly hilarious interview with Vanity Fair, he talks about, among other things, staying solvent in this recession, he's not related to former president Warren G. Harding (but Warren Buffet is a distant cousin), his 2008 arrest for possession of weed with intent to sell, his not wanting gay people corrupting his four kids (and one on the way)... and then there was this exchange:

VF: Not to downplay the gay media conspiracy, but I think more people about concerned about the corruption on Wall Street. From Madoff to AIG, it doesn’t seem like there’s anybody we can trust. In this financial climate, does it make more sense to invest in Citigroup or the Crips?
Warren G: Oh, hell no! Invest in the Crips? That’s crazy, man!

So you think the Bloods are a better investment?
Neither one of them! You don’t wanna get involved in any of that!

You’re not seriously suggesting buying Citigroup stock, are you?
None of that shit, man. I think this recession was all caused by these humongous corporations. Those motherfuckers got money. Even with the recession, those motherfuckers got money. But everybody use the recession as an excuse. Everybody in the music industry, they be like, “We can’t pay you. It’s the recession, it’s the recession.” Recession my ass, motherfuckers. People got to get paid for what they’re worth. You know what I’m saying? You making a hundred thousand on a show and you only be giving me some crumbs. That shit gonna run out.

For the rest of the hilarity, go here.
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