Friday, October 2, 2009

Friends, Experts Say Whitney Was Not Being Truthful to Oprah

Whitney's one-on-one interview with Oprah has now become a source for rampant speculation: what didn't she say, what didn't she do?

Just last week it was reported that during the interview Whitney called Oprah a two-faced liar.

While some in the media have said the singer did note own up to her drug use or taken responsibility for her addiction, now, friends and body language experts tell the Enquirer Whitney was lying about the seriousness of her cocaine use and the extent of her drug problems.
"It looked like Whitney has been coached before she went on camera," said a source close to the performer. "She talked in an odd whisper and was tripping over her own lies."

Atlanta-based body language expert Patti Wood, author of Success Signals: Understanding Body Language," says Whitney's bizarre response when Oprah asked if she was now drug-free was a dead giveaway that the singer wasn't being truthful.

After blurting out 'Yes, ma'am," Whitney "paused significantly and her voice became stilted" in response to the question, Wood observed.

"She blinked her eyes, which means she went into a retreat mode. And she balled her hands into fists and brought them to her chest as if she were beating herself up.

"She knew what she was saying was not the truth."

Dr Lillian Glass - a licensed therapist and voice and body language authority based in Beverly Hills, Calif. - agrees with Wood's assessment.

Dr Glass noted that Whitney "shrugged her shoulders several times when talking about her drug use, a clear sign of deception. Her foot was tapping, indicating that she was uncomfortable and wanted to get out of these questions in a hurry."

Added the source: "Whitney's interview with Oprah was just a fraud - I think Whitney was lying through her teeth."
The report cites a 2006 interview with Tina Brown, Whitney's former sister-in-law. She said Whitney would regularly purchased "eightballs" (eighth of an ounce) of crack to feed her "out of control" habit.

Source: National Enquirer, Oct. 12, print edition.
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