Monday, November 2, 2009

Charlamagne Fired From Philly Radio Station

After six months on the air in Philly as host of his own morning show, Charlamagne was fired this morning.

Why the firing you ask? The PC answer is: "The Beat said they want to move in a different direction." However, many say it's because of an interview with Beanie Sigel, criticizing Jay-Z, that aired last Friday. Jay-Z, allegedly, swooped down on The Beat and Charlamagne was handed his walking papers and his page on the station's Web site removed with the quickness. Remember back in 1998 when Puffy - allegedly - had Wendy fired from sHot 97 because she outed him as How You Doin' (read: gay)? Charlamagne done pissed off another hip-hop mogul and being Wendy's friend, we're sure that didn't help.

Almost exactly one year ago, Charlamagne was fired from the Experience.

Don't cry for Charlamagne. We know he will be back on the air somewhere soon, throwing grease and hurting people's feelings.

In the interim, however, he asks, via Twitter: "If its any sympathy pussy out there for me I'll take it!"

Here's the offending interview:

Here's Jay-Z's response:

In other Jay-Z News: His album, The Blueprint, Pt. 3, will not be nominated for a Grammy. Not in 2010, that is. The Grammy's deadline was Aug. 31; Blueprint dropped on Sept. 8. So, see ya in 2011.

Update: Charlamagne responds to being fired.

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Anonymous said...

Too bad so sad. Welcome to the world of the unemployed.

Anonymous said...

Hold your head Charlamagne!

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