Thursday, November 5, 2009

Sharon Osbourne Disses Susan Boyle, Calling Her An Ugly, 'Hairy Arsehole'

Sharon Osborne was on the Opie & Anthony radio show and she completely trashes fellow Brit Susan Boyle.

Had we not heard this with our own ears, we would not believe it.

"I like everybody to do well. Even someone that looks like a slapped arse. God bless her. It's like, 'You go girl'. She does look like a hairy arsehole," Sharon says. "...God gave her the talent. Yes he did. And then he hit her with a fucking ugly stick."

Sharon you're contradicting yourself, honey. Didn't you say you're talentless and being ugly made you successful? And didn't you spend $500,000 on plastic surgery?

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Anonymous said...

Sharon is the truth! Love her raw and uncut.

Reese said...

She probably reminds her of herself..

linda white said...

sick sick person,,,,did you ever look in themirror before all your botox and surgery ???no wonder it cost you a lot ,,susan is pure and has awonderful voice,,unlike your vile voice and comments

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