Monday, November 16, 2009

WATCH: Beyoncè (Feat. Lady Gaga ) 'Video Phone' Video

Beyoncè's highly-anticipated video for "Video Phone" featuring Lady Gaga debuted a day earlier than expected. Frankly, it could've waited. The video is utterly ridiculous. Directed by Hype Williams, the video is no "Single Ladies", but Gagyoncè look effing amazing! Well, they look effing amazing when you're able to make out their faces! Seriously, what's up with the blurry imagery and poor treatment? Why are they wielding around firing-spiting toy guns? Why don't we see more of Gaga? Why does Beyoncè get all the costumes while Gaga is dressed all the way down in a white leotard and elbow-length white gloves? Where is that feather dress and Gaga's wild fashions that had us interested in the first place? Questions. Questions. Questions.

Here are some stills from the video.

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Anonymous said...

Gaga's dancing makes Beyonce look so polished and tight. Gaga cannot dance one bit. She should stick to being strange. It does not work for her to try the cookie cutter pop star style. Once you take away all her gimmicks like her wigs, outfits, airbrushing of her face, she is very homely. Beyonce looks like a star in that video. Gaga on the other hand should have known better than to dance next to a trained dancer and veteran like B. I guess in her mind she can dance, but coming from a dance backround I ca with much confidence say that I cringe everytime I see Gaga try to dance. No isolation or rhythm in her movements. Pathetic that people think she is epic.

Anonymous said...

This video made absolutely no sense at all. Did we really need Beyonce to Naomi Campbell walk for 45 seconds at the beginning of the video? Plus 10 for Beyonce serving “Leyomi Mizrahi realness” with that Ponytail. And why was Lady Gaga in the video if she wasn’t going to use her “Iconic Fashion Diva” Image? Beyonce had 1000 and 1 wardrobe changes and Lady Gaga had 1 white topless jumper (or whatever she was wearing) that she shared with Beyonce. So the hustlers like your Fashions but we didn’t get to see any fashions…..? I digress. I like how Beyonce all but made Lady Gaga the back up singer and dancer for the video.

But I am So Disappointed.

I waited patiently for the video to reach it’s climax but it never did.

The video would be cute for those of you who had low expectations for the video.

But Clearly I wasn’t one of those people

kayman said...

Another video where Beyawnce is making herself look like she is bigger than anybody else when we can see her star fading. This video was most definitely for the kids and the nuts (stans) that buy all that is Beyawnce. Oh well, I was expecting more, but got less while seeing that Beyonce Knowles is not original at all.

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