Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Ashanti's Stalker is Crazy

A juror serving on the case of Devar Hurd -- the man charged with stalking and sending dozens of pictures and texts to Ashanti, via her mother's cell phone -- says it will be difficult to get a conviction because the accused is crazy.

"He clearly seemed delusional," the juror told the New York Post. "I have no idea what that jury is going to do, but I hope they don't convict. He didn't have the intent that the law requires."

While on the witness stand this week, Devar said Ashanti "welcomed" his texts and he spoke of the first time he saw the singer; He said he felt a connection between himself and the Ashanti after seeing her perform in 2003.

"We had strong eye contact, and I'm like, 'Oh, I need to get in contact with her,'" he said.

Yup, he is crazy.

Update: Devar was found guilty of stalking and aggravated harassment. He faces up to two years in prison; he'll be sentenced Jan. 11.

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