Thursday, December 10, 2009

It Was Only A Matter of Time Before 'Danger' Ended Up In A Psychiatric Hospital

"Danger" aka Monica 'Smashed the Homies' Leon (that chick from the first season of "For the Love of Ray J") has insisted over and over again that she's not a crazy person, even though there is video to the contrary.

Now we learn she was placed on a 5150 involuntary psychiatric hold at a North California hospital earlier this month "after an incident involving her newborn daughter," according to the folks over at TMZ.

After an argument with her baby's father, Danger shaved off her hair. Her rep explains that she has been suffering from postpartum depression, which triggered some personal problems.

Under California law, a person who is confined to a psych ward must be of "danger to self, danger to others together with some indication, prior to the administering of the hold, of symptoms of a mental disorder, and/or grave disability."

After the 72-hour involuntary confinement, Danger was released.

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