Thursday, January 14, 2010

Is Michael Jordan Trying to Steal His Friend Tiger Woods' Wife Elin?

Tiger Woods' life could get a lot more complicated, if Michael Jordan has anything to do with it.

According to the National Enquirer, in the wake of Tiger's admittance of cheating after almost 20 jumpoffs came forward, Michael has reached out to Tiger's wife Elin to console her and offered to help in anyway possible. And we mean anyway. For starters, he's willing to name names. Sources tell the tabloid Michael knows all about Tiger's other jumpoffs -- and boy, are there plenty.

A source told the Enquirer: "Tiger has always confided in Michael, and right after Tiger crashed his car, Michael reached out to Elin, offering her a shoulder to cry on. He told some of Elin's friends that the double-digit mistresses who have already confessed to affairs with Tiger are just the tip of the iceberg of infidelity -- and he knows of a lot more women whose names have not get become public. Michael's information could mean untold millions in a divorce case, and strengthen Elin's legal position enormously."

Why would Michael be so interested in helping Elin destroy Tiger? Um, so he could have her for himself. Allegedly.

According to sources, Michael -- whose own cheating lead to a whooping $150 million divorce settlement with his ex-wife Juanita in 2006 -- is trying to get him some of Elin's Swedish cakes.

"Tiger has always wondered why Michael was so interested in his wife. He once told a friend, 'Michael is always fawning over Elin, I think he's hot for her," the source added.

Michael met Tiger in 1997 on the golf course and became friends -- he was also a guest at Tiger and Elin's wedding in Oct. 2004. Michael's people have denied the Enquirer's report.

Source: National Enquirer, Jan 25, print edition.

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Anonymous said...

Maybe the celebrity world is a horrible world all in a mess ! Well, from a woman's perspective from the sheer physical appearance angle, I think Tiger is more attractive than MJ.. I hate the look of MJ especially when holding a big cigar... Ha Ha ! If Elin is doing so for revenge to Tiger, a woman in revenge often just hurts herself...I think if Elin cheats, ha ha, Tiger will welcome this if they are indeed going for a divorce.

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