Thursday, February 11, 2010

Danielle Staub Says She's Way Hotter Than Other Jersey Housewives, She Wants Nothing To Do With Them

The Real Housewives of New Jersey co-star Danielle Staub wants to clear the air -- and, more importantly, her name -- so she has written The Naked Truth, a memoir she hopes will give all of us a better understanding of who she is. Who Sshe's not? This prostitute and coke-whore we've heard about on the teevee. That was sooo 25 years ago.

Here are some quotes from her interview with the folks over at Hollywood The Write Way in which she goes in on her castmates and speaks openly about her past.

On why she wrote a memoir:
It's amazing because I sort of lived my life and left it in the past for a reason because 1986 is a long time ago. Not hiding from my past, it's just a past. A past is a part of you but you don't live in it, otherwise you don't move forward. When these women made it an ever present part of my no, I decided that if they're taking such great interest in it, how about it be told by the person who actually lived it, rather than some insane character who wrote a book about me as a jilted ex... I'm going to tell my story the way that it happened. If you didn't live it, it is not yours to speak of.

On her relationship with Jersey castmates Jacqueline, Teresa, Dina and Caroline:
It is safe to say that I don't want a relationship with them. I learned a lot from watching the show about the kind of people that I don't want to be around...I've never in my 47 years witnessed any woman behave the way that they do. They're animals. It's like being in an insane asylum with no medication.

On her well-documented past:
It's not easy to know that someone can Google me and prostitute comes up. That's not right. Even though I was arrested, nobody realizes that I plead guilty for one thing and that was extortion. It doesn't mean that I was guilty of any of those charges but I was there. Either that or face 19 years for each of those indictments. Who wouldn't take a plea bargain? So I did. I did 5 years probation for that. The ladies said that I kidnapped a little boy. They mentioned that and let people's imagination run. I was 23 years old and he was 28 years old. He wasn't a little boy. It's amazing what I've had to defend. It's been frustrating and hurtful.

On posing for Playboy:
I am dying to do Playboy. I am probably the only Jersey housewife that would be considered because have you seen the rest of them?

What does she think of the other women on the Housewives series and how they differ from her castmates: [CAUTION: Grease ahead!]
They are incredible. They bring a little bit of drama that is real but guess what? They can all sit down and literally have cutting utensils in front of them and not being tempted to use them on one another. Whereas these crazy women on Jersey think it's a really good thing to be attacking me. I've met and seen the other housewives in public and they are really nice. Even though they may not like each other, they can still be around each other without picking on each other and nasty. These women out here are down right nasty. I guess they feel they are better than me and I don't know what gives them that idea because not one of them has an honor student except me. You don't see my kids running around the store ripping prices tags off of things, Teresa. You don't see mine talking about Trekkies and me calling them stupid. You don't hear one of mine calling me a crackhead on national television. But people will sit and judge me and think everything must be true because Jacqueline, Teresa, Dina, and Caroline said so? Hello Dina, I'm obsessed with you, really? Is it the fake teeth, nose job, boob jobs, tummy tuck...are those the things I want? How about I ask my sister to find me a husband so I can move out of her house. Caroline can paint the picture any way she wants to but I will give her all of the colors so she can paint it properly.


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