Thursday, February 11, 2010

Writer: Children Born With Genetic Disorders Should Be Killed

A Russian writer caught a severe case of foot-in-mouth disease after he penned an article titled “Finish Them Off to Stop the Suffering" -- which, as the title suggests -- calls for the killing of children born with Down Syndrome and other incurable diseases.

Alexander Nikonov argued that “the absolute majority of normal people give their defective children to the state,” and appealed for legalization of murder of “newborn morons" and he's willing to go to jail for his views.

“Would it be more humane to euthanize these children at birth? Elimination of a new born is the same as an abortion or the so called artificial labor…” he wrote in his article. “Whatever you say, I don’t give a damn if the concept of humanness suffers, let’s stop people from suffering – this is my position, and you won’t make me shut my mouth."

We believe a lot of people would disagree with this donkey.

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Anonymous said...

THis idea is called - EUGENICS and it has been around for years. Hitler, Margaret Sanger, and Darwin believed in this idea. It is EVIL ! For more on eugenics and I strongly suggest a powerful documentary called - Maafa21 (Clip here) :

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