Monday, February 15, 2010

WATCH: Cop Slaps The Ish Out This Woman

Some would say this Romanian woman deserves what she got. Some would argue it's police brutality. We'll reserve judgment.

What Had Happened Was: The woman is a teacher and was recently fired for getting up in the faces of her colleagues and abusing children, so cops were called and she was trying to get up in their faces. So, instead of tasing the bish, the officer opted for a more, ahem, direct approach hoping that would shut her up, because in Romanian, everything's unorthodox and some residents lack morals.
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Anonymous said...

She had it coming. Once you put your hands on an officer, it's over. It could have escalated and he needs to ensure that the situation is under control, so he was right to slap her back. That's one thing I like about foreign countries, they don't play! LOL when she starts crying!

Anonymous said...

I agree! SHe had no right to slap him. But as a officer he should have tasered her ass.

Walter said...

I completely disagree. A man should never hit a woman and woman should never hit a man no matter what country you are in. But when she slapped him, he has such a delayed reaction and slow relax, I wouldn't consider that as self defense.

Anonymous said...

You see she thought twice about slapping him again. I think sometimes women think they have a right to hit men. I guess she will think differently. Every who thinks this way should be hit back. A hard head makes a soft behind.

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