Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Whitney Houston's Antics Prove The Enquirer Right

Whitney's world tour may soon come to an end if she doesn't get her act together. Seriously. Last week we reported that she collapsed backstage after her first show, now there are reports that she was exhibiting crackish behavior...on stage!

She played Australia's Brisbane Entertainment Centre last night and after "singing" (read: struggling through) six songs, Whitney appeared disoriented and sweat poured down her face. She left the stage for twenty minutes to take a.... ahem....break. While she was gone, her brother, Gary, took the mic and began to sing.

One concertgoer: "It was a disgrace. She can't sing. She didn't sing one song properly. She was disorientated and she needed a 20-minute break. It was the first concert I have walked out of in my life."

While another added: "She couldn't entertain a dead rat, to be honest."


Whitney's paid spokesperson said: "[Whitney] was hitting most of the notes, yes her throat was a little croaky. Her health is fine but she's also not 22 years of age anymore."

Hey, Mr Spokesperson, Shirley Bassey, Patti LaBelle and Tina Turner are also not 22 (in fact, they're older than Whitney) and they can still put on a show.

Seriously, Whitney is basically writing the National Enquirer's next few stories for them.

Here's video of Whitney singing (read: failing horribly to get through one of her biggest hits) "I Will Always Love You."

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Anonymous said...

What a shame for Whitney!! The 2000's have not been good to her. The Enquirer really is telling it like it is these days. Why do I believe they are more credible today than say the 80's? Because today there are so many ways to confirm the truth! Today we have access to cell phones, digital cameras, computers, Twitter, instant messaging, text messaging, Facebook, email, etc, etc.. and here's proof on Youtube backing up what they wrote!! Time and time again what they write, they prove that there is some truth to it (ala, John Edwards,Tiger Woods). I now visit their website NationalEnquirer dot com everyday! Poor Whitney. I don't know if she's still "HEY'D" up but that voice is definitely gone.

Walter said...

She's not 22 year old? Like what the hell does that have to do with anything.

Pattie LaBelle

Chaka Khan


Aretha Franklin

Mariah Carey

Are not 22 years of age either and are in their prime.

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