Friday, February 19, 2010

Report: Oprah, Gayle To Adopt Baby

Oprah, like Whitney -- who, by the way, they say collapsed backstage at her recent concert because, ahem, she's still hitting that crack pipe -- are tabloid staples. When they're not discussing her weight or her relationship with Stedman, they're discussing her How You Doin relationship with BFF Gayle.

Joining the fray this week, the Globe is reporting that Oprah and Gayle plan to scour the planet in search of the perfect baby boy to become the heir to the talk shown queen's multi-billion fortune.

"I think as Oprah's gotten older, she realizes she wants someone to carry on her legacy. She had a premature baby -- and lost it -- when was 14. Now, she's amassed a fortune and finally wants to pass it on," says an unnamed friend.

According to the report, Oprah and Gayle have discussed adoption "for several years now" and Gayle will serve as the baby's "second mother."

Adds the source: "Oprah wants to be sure that if she dies before the child is grown, Gayle will be every bit as close and devoted to the child as she will be....She and Gayle have been partners in every other aspect of their lives. Raising a child together late in life will cap all their other accomplishments."

The report quickly moves from the insane to the morbid.

According to the tabloid's "experts," Oprah has just three more years to live and her sooner than expected expiration date is the impetus for adopting a baby now.

Going back to Whitney, the Enquirer predicts she'll be dead in five years.

Source: Globe, March 1, print edition
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Anonymous said...

Chile, that Kitty Kelley book on Oprah about to drop and I can't wait.

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