Friday, March 12, 2010

Wait, Is It Illegal to Beat Your Misbehaving Child With an Extension Cord?

A North Carolina man -- that man above, 36-year-old Charles Lee Gerald -- turned himself into police last night and they charged him with child abuse after he beat his 8-year-old son with an extension cord.

Charles told police he did beat his son, but he did so because the child had gotten in trouble at school.

That'll learn him.

Listen. We don't know about you all, but our asses have been whooped plenty-o-times when we were growing up with extension cords, shoes, spatulas -- anything our mothers could get their hands on. We learned real quick the consequences of our actions and not to do whatever we did to get the beating ever again. While it may not have been the best form of punishment (if there is one), it was effective. If more parents disciplined their children then you wouldn't read stories of 11 year olds raping other kids or of kids trying to kill their parents by setting them on fire. Many of you will disagree and you all are entitled to that opinion.

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Walter said...

I was beat with a broom and bush from a somebodies yard when I was about 14-15 years old. The way I see it, that lil 8 year old got off good.

Anonymous said...

my brothers and I were thrown against walls and punched in the face if we did anything wrong. My brothers grew up robbing people. Most of those 11 year olds who rap are being beat. I think if anyone can hit their child with objects just to "show them what is right" is a lousy parent. Its like circumcising because you cant teach your child to clean themselves. Doubt this will make it on your site but just had to voice my opinion.

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