Friday, April 9, 2010

Former NBA Baller Arrested...Again

Isaiah Rider (also known as J.R. Rider) was arrested on suspicion of assaulting his fiancé and bilking a cab driver out of $150 in Mesa, Ariz, The Arizona Republic reports.

Isaiah, who last played in the NBA for the Denver Nuggets in 2001, was involved in three separate police incidents in five days and was taken into custody yesterday after an officer spotted him driving erratically in a black Escalade with three small children in the back.

The saga began last Sunday.
Neighbors called police to report the couple were arguing and saw the fiancé walk away from Rider after refusing to give him money, police reports state. When she got into her vehicle, Rider opened her door, pulled her out and threw her to the ground before running away with her purse, police said. According to police reports, the fiancé said she believed Rider was high on marijuana and "wasn't thinking clearly," so when he pulled her purse away from her, she fell to the ground. The woman said she then ran after him, while yelling for help. Witnesses said the man then stopped, gave back the purse, and continued to run away.
He later told police the woman wouldn't give him his money and ID so they "tussled" and the fiancè "lost" and that's what caused her to fall to the ground.

After that incident, he took a taxi to Phoenix then ran out of the cab before paying the $150 fare. He later told police he gave the cabbie his cell phone number to meet the driver later to pay, but never showed up.

Then yesterday, police witnessed him driving erratically. When they told him to pull over, police say, Isaiah jumped out of the Escalade he was driving and bolted. "He then looked back at the officer, and began walking back toward him," according to the report.

After he was placed under arrest, police found three children in the back seat of his vehicle.

He has been charged in the past with all sorts of crimes, ranging from kidnapping to firearm possession to possession of a controlled narcotic substance to auto theft.


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