Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Report: Tiger Woods Had Unprotected Sex With Neighbor's Daughter

As Tiger Woods prepares to play golf this week, there's news of another mistress.

According to the National Enquirer, Tiger had a one-night stand with Raychel Coudriet, who lived down the street from the home he shares with wife Elin in Isleworth, a well-to-do community in Florida.

Raychel, now 22, met Tiger for the first time when she was just 14. Sources say he pursued her since she was a teenage, but on May 29, 2009 he invited her to a "golfing group" and made a crude joke about her "cleaning his golf balls." Afterward, he invited Raychel and her friends to a party where they exchanged numbers and Tiger, like Tiger is known to do, began to text her. Sometime during the party he told her to let her friends taker her home and he will pick her up from there. Which he did in his Escalade -- the same truck that crashed last Thanksgiving.

He drove her to a spot within a stones throw from his home. They exited the truck and began to kiss and fondle each other, but realizing they may be caught, he drove her to his office a mile away so they could have some privacy.

"The two of them had sex on a couch for hours - right next to a crib for Tiger's children," the source said. "The crib made Raychel feel guilty - that she was having sex with a married man with children. But she was smitten."

She told friends that Tiger was well-endowed, he didn't use a condom, the sex was "mechanical and unemotional" and he wore her out. Once they were done, she had a leather burn on her right knee. Wow! Wow! Wow! For four months afterward, he asked Raychel if he could hit it again, but she "felt ashamed" and refused to meet him. But a persistent Tiger continued to "sext" her at all hours of the day and night. She told friends she felt as if he was stalking her.

When she realized she wasn't the only one Tiger was screwing on the side, Raychel, who thought she was "special" and the only other woman in his life (that's what he told her), she confronted the golfer.

She told him: "I feel extremely violated by what you did to me!" To which he answered: "Sorry about that." And that was that.

For what it's worth, she told friends if she were to see Elin, whom she has been avoiding, she would apologize.

source: National Enquirer, April 19, print edition
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