Thursday, June 3, 2010

Gregg Leakes is Divorcing NeNe (Or So He Says)

A few weeks ago Linnethia Leakes told Wendy she was having marital problems, but chalked them up as nothing major -- just things couples go through. But to let Gregg tell it, these are issues he can't work through and he's preparing to divorce her ass.

In this audio posted yesterday, Gregg Leakes blasted his soon-to-be-ex-wife saying, “I put $300,000 of my own money for [NeNe] to become a housewife. Without that, she wouldn’t be shit....She’s going to give me every dime of my $300,000 back." He also plans to petition the divorce court for spousal support, since NeNe is now making most (or is it all?) of the family's income.

This audio came to light after Greg's (and NeNe's) home went into foreclosure and he allegedly borrowed the money from a jock to pay the mortgage company and keep their home, but when Greg refused to repay the money, the jock decided to swoop down (ARRRRHGGGGHHHH!) on Greg, record the conversation without his knowledge then put the whole thing online. Coincidentally, Greg has a history of stiffing debtors -- and the IRS.

So, where does this swoop down leaves us? Nowhere, to be frank. Until we see actual divorce papers, we're chalking this interview up as a pitiful PR stunt or Greg placating this jock and further delay repaying the alleged debt.

Update: Gregg has lawyered-up. He says he was under the impression the call was private and he trashed talked Linnethia because they were arguing.

Here's the statement:
“On June 2, 2010, an unauthorized audio taped conversation between Mr. Gregg Leakes and Mr. Corey King was made privy to the public by Mr. King and Large FM. While Mr. King touted an “exclusive interview”, the taped recording was obtained by fraud and deception. Neither Mr. King nor Large FM were granted consent to interview Mr. Leakes and an interview never occurred. Throughout the duration of the call with Mr. King, Mr. Leakes was under the impression that he was simply confiding in a friend after an argument with his wife. However, Mr. King has demonstrated through this blatant disregard of Mr. Leakes’ privacy that he does not even comprehend the word “friend”. The audio recording was deceptive and the release of it was nothing short of malicious. It is not a secret to anyone that Mr. and Mrs. Leakes are facing marital challenges, a situation common to many couples. However, there is no doubt that Mr. King’s intentions were dishonorable, hateful, and inexcusable. His deceptive act was committed without any regard to Mr. or Mrs. Leakes. Mr. Leakes has apologized privately to his wife and he offers a sincere apology to the others mentioned in the audio. Any further discussion of the matter should be amongst Mr. Leakes and those individuals, privately.”


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