Monday, June 28, 2010

Report: NeNe and Gregg Have Split

Linnethia Leakes and her husband of 14 years Gregg, whom she met while working as a stripper, have split and may finally be getting that divorce Gregg spoke of earlier this month. This is according to folks over at RadarOnline who saw a photo of Linnethia at an event in Los Angeles last Saturday sans wedding ring. So take all of this with a grain of salt.
A source told “NeNe has admitted that it’s over between her and Greg and she was not wearing her wedding ring recently. She is worried that Greg might go public about some of her secrets because she has admitted that she has some ‘skeletons’ in her closet. Also Greg has indicated that he might want some alimony payments from her should they get divorced, so, the situation could get really messy. As yet neither party has filed any divorce papers - NeNe just thinks her time with Greg has come to an end. She has no bad feelings against him but cannot believe she stayed in the relationship this long – they both still have possessions in their Atlanta home but have been spending more and more time apart. NeNe’s son Bryson is not that close to Greg and he has been standing-by his mom as her marriage has crumbled but she has definitely put on some weight recently. She was remaining tight-lipped about her relationship with the football star Charles Grant but was excited about a new segment she has started filming for a local Atlanta television station. NeNe hopes her split will be amicable but she is bracing herself in case Greg decides to be vindictive because she knows that he knows about her past. And he may try and cash-in on her fame by writing a book or giving interviews about their life together.”
While we believe there's trouble in their relationship (both parties have even admitted it), we really think this particular story of a break-up is coming from someone on NeNe's PR team to drum up interest in season three (which will probably be her last) of Real fake and scripted Housewives of Atlanta. So, until we see actual divorce papers, we'll continue to chalk this -- and everything her castmates say and do -- as PR stunts because as you know, they'll do and say whatever to keep their name in the news.

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