Tuesday, October 19, 2010

What's That Smell? The Intruder Taking a Dump on the Floor!

Police in Madison, Wisc. say an 18-year-old man brazenly walked into an unlocked apartment in the middle of the night, took off his socks and pants and then took a dump on the floor.
The nastiness was reported to police a week ago during the night on Oct. 9-10, said police spokesman Joel DeSpain. "The 19-year-old resident and his friends were aghast to see and smell what had transpired while they slept," DeSpain said. The resident first came upon the stranger when the stranger walked into his room and turned the light on. "He then heard the man go to the bathroom and leave the apartment a few minutes later," DeSpain said. In the morning on Oct. 10, the apartment dwellers realized something was amiss. The stranger's cell phone and identification were found in the bathroom, along with his socks, pants, and night deposit.
It took two hours to clean up the mess. Police were able to identify the man and contacted him via e-mail. They told him how to retrieve his clothing and that he should apologize. He wasn't charged with a crime.

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