Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Bachelorette Party Prank Leaves Bride-to-Be Paralyzed

Last June, Rachelle Friedman was to be married to the love of her life, Chris Chapman. After celebrating her bachelorette party, Rachel, 25, and her girlfriends returned home and decided to take a dip in pool. A bridesmaid pushed her head-first into the shallow end of the pool, leaving Rachel paralyzed and unable to move from the neck down. She called Chris and told him the news: "I remember talking to him I wasn't crying I just wanted him to understand the severity of it before he got to the hospital," Rachel told ABC News. "I wanted to make sure he knew what happened that I didn't just break my leg. I said, 'I broke my neck and I'm probably not going to walk,' I was very straightforward and very monotone with him." Rachel and Chris are still together but unable to get married because doing so will make her ineligible for Medicaid. The lovebirds plan to have their "perfect wedding" someday. As for the girlfriend who pushed her in the pool? Rachel says the two are still best friends. "I don't blame her in any way -- I could have easily done the same thing....When people read the story I hope they realize how many times before we did this -- we pushed each other in the pool all the time."

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