Thursday, November 18, 2010

Father Slams Infant Son on Sidewalk, Leaves Lifeless Body in Trash Can

Quindell Sherman of Columbus, Ohio done lost his effing mind! On Tuesday, the 20-year-old was fighting with Sonja Mitchell, the mother of his 3-month-old son, then he he took the infant outside, threw him to the concrete pavement several times and ran off with the infant. The child was later found in a trash can.
According to police, Sherman threw the baby, Jayden Mitchell, on a concrete landing outside 1121 E. 16th Ave. during a fight with the child's mother, Sonia Mitchell, Tuesday night. After punching the mother and the baby's great-grandmother, Carolynne Holmes, Sherman picked up the baby from the landing and flung him an estimated 25 feet into the middle of E. 16th Ave. He ran into the street, grabbed the infant by the arm and "dragged him down the street like a rag doll," police reported. Sherman then "ran into an alley north of 16th Avenue, turned around facing the house ... held the infant high above his head and slammed the baby into the ground." He grabbed the baby again, ran to E. 17th Avenue and hid in a garbage can, where officers said they found him standing on the child.
The POS has been charged with murder and is being held on $2.5 million bond.
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