Wednesday, November 10, 2010

WATCH: Colleen Thomas Has Information You Need to Know About

This nutjob is CRA-ZZZZZY as hell and we love it! She's Colleen Thomas, a telepathic Pleiadean vessel. In fact, you could be living with her kind because there are more than 100,000 of them living in the US alone. Anyway, after a "mystery missile" was spotted over California on Monday, Colleen, like the paranoid schizophrenic she is, fired up her webcam and recorded this epic video in which she claims the Draconians fired the missile to kill Iranians but the Pleiadeans shot it down. (The Pentagon says the condensation trail was left by a plane -- not a missile.) But that's just the beginning of her craziness: Colleen claims UN security forces are rounding up humans in concentration camps, so you must defend yourself. Wow! Wow! Woooooowwwww! Listen, if you have to tell people you're not mentally insane, you probably are.

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