Monday, February 7, 2011

WATCH: Idiotic Acts of...Idiots

That'll learn him!

This drunk idiot is well, a drunk idiot.

This donkey needs a bigger shield -- and a face transplant.

A man enjoys a plate a pasta on the NYC subway -- with his pet RAT! Oh, my!

A trucker forgot to (or intentionally chose no to) clear the snow from the roof of his rig, which resulted in this awesomeness.

After a neighbor stole David Welles' shovel, he got his revenge.

FIGHT! Granny fends off several would-be robbers with her purse.

Drive it like you stole it...

A man attempting to steal more than $1,000 worth of merchandise from the Target store at Upland Square in Pottstown PA Tuesday was tackled by a store employee. (The thief got away.)

Police in Colorado Springs are on the look out for this POS who threw a Chihuahua puppy out of their SUV outside of a 7-11 store and drove away.

This Colombian woman's paralyzing fear of heights is pure comedy.

The parents of a 3-year-old girl say it's not their fault the child wandered out of the home in the dead of winter.

Meanwhile in Alexandria, Egypt, an unarmed demonstrator is gunned down by police in cold blood.

And of course you saw this: Christina Aguilera effed up the words to the Star Spangled Banner at last night's Super Bowl. How dreadful!

LOOK: No, Britney hasn't gone crazy again. Cops say 36-year-old Marsha Guinn is addicted to meth and we don't know what they're talking about. She looks perfectly normal to us, despite no eyebrows and a half-shaven head. Marsha was arrested last weekend during a traffic stop in Sonora, Calif. after cops witnessed her removed something from her shirt and hid it under the seat. That "something" was methamphetamine.)

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