Thursday, March 31, 2011

Grandson Stuffs Dead Granny's Body into Closet So He Could Have Sex on Her Bed

This is just beyond -- BEYOND -- troubling. A NYC man is on the lam after he allegedly killed his grandmother (or she was alive at the time of the stuff-action) then stuffed her body into a closet of their apartment in the projects so he could have sex with a woman on her bed. Yes, WOW!
An East Harlem granny was found dead in a bedroom closet on Wednesday - after relatives walked in on her grandson having sex with a woman in the same room, police sources said. Two concerned relatives walked into the apartment at the Wagner Houses on E. 124th St. shortly before 11 a.m. They hadn't heard from 76-year-old Cora Davis for two days. They opened the bedroom door to find her grandson Larry Davis, 21, having sex with a 20-year-old woman on the bed. "Where's Mama? Where's Mama?" a relative asked Larry Davis, according to the sources. An argument erupted. One of the relatives threatened to call police, and Davis ran off. The woman he was having sex with - who has a prostitution bust on her record - stayed behind. Cops arrived and searched the apartment, finding Cora Davis' body crammed in the bedroom's closet under a pile of clothes, the sources said. The city medical examiner was trying last night to determine the cause of death. Sources said investigators found signs of hemorrhaging around Davis' eyes that suggest she may have been strangled. "I was here when [Larry] left," said neighbor Angel Rodriguez, 56. "I saw him go out of the building. He didn't seem upset." Law enforcement sources said there were several domestic incident reports filed at the home, but none involved violence. The elderly woman also had an order of protection against her grandson. Neighbors said they'd witnessed Davis' drug-addled grandson getting hauled out in cuffs before. "It's just a horrible thing because she was a lovely lady," said close friend Dorothea Sadler, 81. "She didn't bother anybody." Sadler said Davis had lived in the building for more than 40 years. "She was a beautiful woman," Rodriguez said. "I knew her most of my life." Larry Davis, who is still being sought by police, has prior arrests that include drug possession and assault. He was arrested early this month for trespassing. An arrest warrant was issued after he failed to appear in court to answer the trespassing charge.
If you know this ingrate, please call the cops.
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